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90 Face Tee

90 Face Tee

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Introducing the 90 Face Tee – where the spirit of the '90s meets the canvas of street fashion. This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a statement, a conversation starter, a piece of art with a '90' that gazes back at the world from the eye of a stylized face. The design is a tribute to the iconic personas of the music and skateboarding scenes, those who dared to look at the world differently. Made with the softest cotton, it drapes the wearer not just in fabric but in the essence of an era where self-expression was king. Wear it, live it, be it. The 90 Face Tee is your badge of creativity.

12" bright white 90 Face screenprint logo front.

100% cotton premium t-shirt with water base inks for a soft, breathable feel.

SMALL:  28.25" length, 18" width

MEDIUM:  29.38" length, 20" width

LARGE:  30.5" length, 22" width

XL:  31.5" length, 24" width

XXL:  32.5" length, 26" width

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