About us

Kevin Staab, the founder of 90 Clothing, in an upside-down pose, expressing his playful and rebellious character, dressed in the brand's apparel.

90 The Original, sparked into life by pro skateboarder Kevin Staab during the unforgettable 1990s, is more than a clothing line—it's a revival of an era electrified by the pinnacle of action sports and the raw, gritty sounds of grunge music. Born from the vibrant streets and the dynamic skateboarding tours across Europe, our brand found its symbol in the '90' seen on European highway signs—a mark Kevin encountered and transformed from a simple speed indication into a boundary-defying emblem.


Chris Cornell performing live wearing a 90 Clothing brand t-shirt, embodying the spirit of the '90s grunge scene

This spirit of adventure and defiance catapulted 90 t-shirts into the legendary Seattle music scene, a journey made possible by Kevin's ties with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Today, we stand at the intersection of music and skate culture, with icons like Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron, KimThayil, and the innovative Tony Hawk, to name a few. Even the queen of pop, Madonna has been whispered to embrace our designs, showcasing our wide-reaching impact on diverse music and sports personalities.


A sticker with the number 90 brand logo held up against the backdrop of Seattle's iconic Space Needle, symbolizing the brand's grunge heritage.

 At 90 The Original, we are committed to carrying forward this legacy into the future. Our mission is to encapsulate the high-energy, spirited ethos of our roots while paving new paths. The iconic '90' logo is not just a brand; it's a symbol of a community hungry for adventure and intense, authentic experiences. We encourage you to be daring, to transcend limits, and to embrace the ethos of living '90' every day.



Anita, the current owner of 90 Clothing, seated casually by a sculptural artwork, showcasing her personal style in a 90 brand tee.

 Join our journey of tradition infused with innovation, where each piece of apparel narrates a tale of courage, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Discover our collections, where history's richness is interwoven into the very fabric of our future, and be part of a story that goes beyond clothing—it's a lifestyle.