90 The Original sticker held in front of the Space Needle and Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, featuring Pearl Jam concert information.

From Fans to Front Row: The Best Moments of Pearl Jam's Seattle Concerts

Pearl Jam, one of Seattle's most iconic bands, has long been a defining force in rock music. Formed in 1990, their powerful lyrics, raw energy, and heartfelt performances have earned them a dedicated fan base and a lasting legacy. Last week, they returned to their roots for a series of highly anticipated home shows at the Climate Pledge Arena, located next to the Space Needle. This marked their first performance at this venue. The shows took place on Tuesday, May 28th, and Thursday, May 30th, with Deep Sea Diver opening the nights. Fans gathered from near and far to witness Pearl Jam perform in the city where it all began. The atmosphere was electric as Seattle celebrated the homecoming of its musical heroes.

90 The Original sticker held in front of the Space Needle and Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, featuring Pearl Jam concert information.

Pre-Show Hype

The anticipation leading up to Pearl Jam's home shows in Seattle was evident. The Pearl Jam community, along with local businesses, organized various events and activities to keep fans entertained and engaged between shows, creating an immersive and exciting experience.

The excitement was further fueled by special announcements. The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) offered discounted admission to Pearl Jam ticket holders, allowing fans to explore extensive music exhibits related to the band's history and Seattle's grunge scene. Exclusive merchandise was also made available, with a dedicated merch truck offering official band merch for three days. This became a popular stop for fans looking to grab limited-edition items, often resulting in an endless line of eager fans.

Official Pearl Jam merchandise stand in front of the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle before the concert.

Fans from around the world gathered in Seattle, participating in a series of engaging activities. The festivities began with a flag-signing event at the Seattle Center Armory, where fans could leave their mark and create a collective memento. The Wishlist Foundation hosted lively pre-parties at the Queen Anne Beerhall, where fans shared stories and geared up for the shows. They also held a raffle with Pearl Jam-themed prizes, with the funds supporting the Wishlist Foundation, a fan-created non-profit organization.

Anita Stelmasiuk and a Wishlist Foundation member wearing 90 The Original tees at an event in Queen Anne Beerhall.

Throughout the days leading up to the concerts, fans had the opportunity to delve into Seattle's grunge history and visit the historic London Bridge Studio, where many iconic albums were recorded. The Ames Bros Exhibit and "Dark Matter" Pre-Party at KEXP offered fans an immersive experience into the band's creative world.

Another highlight was the ‘Alive & Well’ event hosted by SMASH at Sleight of Hand SoDo, which offered fans a chance to engage in meaningful activities while supporting local causes, blending entertainment with philanthropy.The event featured Karen Manson Blair, a legendary Seattle photographer known for capturing iconic images of Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, and Chris Cornell.

Art posters from various Pearl Jam concerts hanging on the wall at the 'Alive & Well' event hosted by SMASH at Sleight of Hand SoDo.

Additionally, another great photographer Lance Mercer held a meet-and-greet at Easy Street Records, the mecca for grunge fans.

These events and activities, organized by the dedicated Pearl Jam community and local businesses, not only built anticipation but also built a sense of community among fans. The combination of music, history, and fan engagement created an atmosphere of excitement and unity that perfectly set the stage for the concerts.

Concert Highlights

The atmosphere on the second night of Pearl Jam's home shows at Climate Pledge Arena was electric. Fans filled the venue with an undeniable energy, their excitement palpable from the moment the doors opened. The crowd's anticipation grew with each passing moment until Pearl Jam took the stage, igniting an eruption of cheers and applause.

Anita Stelmasiuk standing in front of a Seattle Pearl Jam concert poster with a Sold Out sticker on it.

Eddie Vedder set the tone for the night with a heartfelt acknowledgment of Seattle's rich musical history. He mentioned how no other city has such a long guest list, referring to the many musicians from Seattle who have passed away, and expressed his wish for that list to be even longer. This poignant moment resonated deeply with the audience, highlighting the emotional connection between the band, the city, and its musical legacy.

 Eddie Vedder performing passionately during Pearl Jam's concert in Seattle 2024 May 31

The setlist for the night was a perfect mix of classic hits and unexpected covers. Standout performances included powerful renditions of "Alive," "Jeremy," and "Black," each met with enthusiastic sing-alongs from the crowd. The surprise of the evening came when Eddie Vedder performed a heartfelt cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," a moment that left the audience in awe and added a unique touch to the night's setlist.

Josh Klinghoffer on stage wearing a 90 The Original zip hoodie during a memorable performance. 

One of the most memorable highlights for me was seeing Josh Klinghoffer on stage, proudly wearing our 90 The Original zip hoodie. It was an incredible sight, knowing that our brand was represented in such a significant and iconic setting.

A Stay at the Pearl Jam Suite

 Person wearing a 90 The Original tee posing with a guitar in front of a wall decorated with Pearl Jam concert posters in The Edgewater Hotel's Pearl Jam suite.

My experience at the Pearl Jam home shows was made even more extraordinary by an unforgettable stay at The Edgewater Hotel's Pearl Jam suite. The Edgewater, known for its rich rock history including a notorious 1969 Led Zeppelin incident, honors only two bands with dedicated suites: The Beatles and Pearl Jam. This suite features a guitar, Marshall amp, a mini library, a record player with a curated vinyl collection, and concert memorabilia including a replica of the Mother Love Bone mural. The room is decorated with concert flyers, hand-written setlists, and a bathroom wallpapered with an audience shot from a Pearl Jam concert. Staying here felt like stepping into a piece of music history, surrounded by artifacts that celebrate the band's legacy. I will write more about my experience in this incredible suite in a future blog post.

Bed in The Edgewater Hotel's Pearl Jam suite featuring a replica Mother Love Bone mural above the headboard.

Community Support

Many people recognized our 90 The Original brand at the Pearl Jam home shows, and it was a pleasure to see. We spotted numerous attendees proudly wearing our t-shirts, creating a sense of community and support among the fans. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us by wearing our gear. Your enthusiasm and love for the brand made the experience even more special. Thank you!

The Pearl Jam home shows were not just concerts; they were a celebration of music, community, and legacy. The events leading up to the shows, the performances themselves, and the connections made throughout the experience created a lasting impression that will be cherished by all who attended. As I reflect on these incredible nights, I look forward to sharing more about my stay in Seattle and continuing to celebrate the spirit of Pearl Jam with the community.

 Collage of four pictures featuring Anita Stelmasiuk wearing 90 The Original clothing with members of the Pearl Jam community at a memorable event.

Thank you to everyone who made these home shows an unforgettable celebration. Your support and passion for both Pearl Jam and 90 The Original have made this experience truly extraordinary.

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