A Dream Come True: My Stay at the Edgewater Pearl Jam Suite

A Dream Come True: My Stay at the Edgewater Pearl Jam Suite

One of the highlights of my Seattle trip was the incredible opportunity to stay in the Edgewater Pearl Jam Suite. I had dreamt about this for years but never had the chance or possibility to make it happen. Before I took off to Seattle, I noticed a giveaway on Edgewater’s Instagram account for one night at the Pearl Jam Suite during the Home Shows. I decided to participate, along with almost 800 other hopefuls.

Just a few days before my arrival in Seattle, I received a DM from Edgewater informing me that I had won the giveaway. They invited me to spend the night in the suite on the night of the Pearl Jam concert. I couldn’t believe it—it was like a dream come true. I was over the moon with happiness.

We arrived right at check-in time, and as soon as I stepped inside the lobby, I knew this place was not just another hotel. Everything was music-inspired. The Edgewater has a rich history, having hosted legendary bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in the 60s and 70s.

What I knew before arriving was that the suite was meticulously designed to honor Pearl Jam's legacy. It’s a portal into a world that celebrates Pearl Jam’s history and their deep connection to Seattle.

When we reached the top floor where the suite is located, I asked my husband to go inside before me and capture my reaction. You can see it on my Instagram account. I was amazed not only by all the Pearl Jam-related features but also by how stunning the suite is. The view from the suite was out of this world, adding to the surreal experience.

The suite itself is a masterpiece. Painted jet black, it defies conventional hotel room design, creating an immersive experience. The walls are adorned with original concert posters, graffiti tributes, and memorabilia that any fan would recognize and cherish. One of the highlights is a photograph from the iconic Drop in the Park show in 1992, blown up in the bathroom, making you feel like you're part of that momentous event. The suite is not a shrine to the band members but a celebration of the band's history, featuring a catalog of artifacts that fans would appreciate.

The creative elements of the suite include wallpaper made from a layout of their original concert posters, designed by Ames Bros. Many iconic symbols and designs are painted and stenciled on the walls, creating a vibrant and authentic atmosphere. The suite is also home to a library of Pearl Jam's original books and vinyl records, reproduced setlists, and scribbled song lists from various shows in Seattle. A graffiti tribute above the headboard pays homage to Mother Love Bone, a precursor band to Pearl Jam.

The furniture in the room is a collection of repurposed and second-hand pieces from Seattle, adding to the authentic and lived-in feel of the space. There’s an old steel workman’s desk, a vintage media console, and a coffee table made from a repurposed roadie case used to store equipment. The lighting fixtures are found and repurposed, and the room is adorned with oriental rugs laid over the flooring, reminiscent of a band stage. The ceiling is lined with old-school fabric-covered speaker grills, enhancing the room's musical theme. There’s even a guitar and a little amp in the corner, inviting guests to rock out and perhaps keep other patrons up, just like a true Pearl Jam concert.

Staying in the Edgewater Pearl Jam Suite was a dream come true, an unforgettable experience that perfectly combined my love for Pearl Jam and the unique history of the Edgewater Hotel. It’s a memory I will cherish forever, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

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