90 Clothing on Easy Street

90 Clothing on Easy Street

We just want to give a big shout out to Easy Street Records in Seattle, WA as the exclusive 90 Clothing retail re-launch partner.

Matt Vaughan, owner of Easy Street Records, and Anita Stelmasiuk from 90 Clothing, posing in front of a Chris Cornell mural.

Pictured: Matt Vaughan, owner of Easy Street Records and Anita Stelmasiuk for 90 Clothing.

In ‘89 or so we started seeing these shirts on our favorite skaters and Seattle bands, just a simple 90. What was it referencing? The incoming decade? Or was it just simply “live fast, go forward, look ahead, watch out”. Little did we know just how far things would go. A cultural phenomenon! The skate scene and the Seattle music scene converged and they supported each other. Seattle artists such as Chris Cornell and Jeff Ament were wearing Kevin Staab’s 90 tees. Kevin and his friends were going to the shows and even came up to Seattle and sat in on recording sessions. For the 1st half of the 90’s, the 90 brand was everywhere. Chris and Kevin had remained friends and discussed resurrecting the brand. In 2016, a small run was sold at a few of those last Temple Of The Dog shows. Did we see there was even a purple design?
That was it…until now. Welcome Back !
Matt Vaughan-Easy Street



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