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90 Gargoyle Purple Long Sleeve

90 Gargoyle Purple Long Sleeve

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Envelop yourself in the mystical aura of the '90s with our Purple Gargoyle Long Sleeve tee. This shirt is a nod to the age of grunge's dark romance, where the music was as deep as the night sky. The vivid purple hue sets the stage for the brooding gargoyle, gripping a red '90' orb as if to harness the raw energy of a decade that still pulses through our veins. With a clean design free of sleeve embellishments, the focus is on the guardian creature—a symbol of the strength and protection of our shared '90s culture. Soft, durable, and undeniably impactful, this is more than just a long sleeve—it's a wearable piece of the past for the modern trailblazer.

9" 90 Gargoyle Logo print front.

100% cotton premium purple long sleeve t-shirt with water base inks for a soft, breathable feel.

SMALL:  28.25" length, 18" width

MEDIUM:  29.38" length, 20" width

LARGE:  30.5" length, 22" width

XL:  31.5" length, 24" width

XXL:  32.5" length, 26" width

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