90 Clothing, the brainchild of pro skateboarder Kevin Staab, was born during the gritty days of the 1990s—the golden age of action sports and grunge music. It all began with a European skateboard tour, where the iconic 90 KPH signs lining the highways left a mark on Kevin's adventurous, raw spirit. For him, '90' wasn't just a speed limit; it was a symbol to push limits.

Kevin Staab pro skatboarder

In a pre-digital era, 90 Clothing transcended borders and grew fast. Kevin, fueled by his grassroots spirit, outfitted his friends at the forefront of skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, and music. The distinctive '90' logo united these like-minded individuals.

Kevin Staab skateboarding

Kevin's connection with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden ignited a remarkable synergy, drawing 90 Clothing into the very heart of Seattle's legendary music scene. This shared spirit echoes positivity and good vibes.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden in 90 logo tee

Today, 90 Clothing embodies that same free-spirited, high-energy ethos. Our iconic '90' logo stands as a beacon for a community bound by a shared love for adventure and the raw, bold experiences of life. Be bold, push your limits, and live 90 every day.